Jordan Aragón SAU | Cold metal stamping, welding, and assembling
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Motor Surroundings

For the motor surroundings we develop different parts for the attachment of other components located in this same area. Motor surroundings are all the attachments and supports surrounding the motor.

Entorno motor

Entorno de sistema de ventanas y puertas

We develop different components for diverse window operator set ups and doors or windows reinforcements for the car. Our technology allows us to develop the window operator system, located in the door surroundings, which needs to be really accurate.

TLD System

We produce crucial parts for automobiles, classified as D/TLD security parts. These parts require the highest control and quality production standards to guarantee its production. Jordan produces these sets with the most advanced technology applying productive controls on each and every one of their stages.

Sistema TLD
Sistema de escape

Tail Pipe System

Our technology and quality allows us to produce components for the cars tail pipe systems. These are technical parts in stainless materials and subsets for the transformation into noiseless outer casings.

Braking System

The protection surrounding the braking system is another one of our specialties in JORDAN. With our cutting-edge technology in tooling and stamping production with latest generation presses we guarantee the quality and an optimum process.


We stamp different technical and structural components from the elevators braking system of. We supply single components and assembled sets for the elevators industry.


Structural Parts

In Jordan we produce technical parts for diverse functions in multiple types of materials for the equipment building.

Outside Leather of The Equipment

Our demanding quality criteria allows us to produce parts with leather on the outside in materials like aluminum and stainless steel and in finishes like satin, lacquered, and others. These parts of high aesthetic requirement conform the covering of the household appliances.