Jordan Aragón SAU | Cold metal stamping, welding, and assembling
C/ Barrio Nuevo, 40 · 50639 Figueruelas (Zaragoza) · +34 976 108 664

Jordan Aragón

17.000 m2 of covered area and 4.000 m2 of forecourt located in the Figueruelas’ industrial area, Jordan Aragón is Jordan’s productive plant in Aragón.

Focused on stamping, welding, and assembling its market includes the car industry, white goods and elevation.

Founded in 1997, Estampaciones Metálicas Zaragozanas (EMZA) is born from a family Company that used to be dedicated to engineering, building and tuning arrays.

It targeted towards metal products serial manufacturing using stamping processes and it quickly asserted itself as a reference for this type of components in the area.

During the following years, it expands and strengthens its first rate client portfolio, in the white goods and elevation markets, and later, in the car industry.

Looking for the increase in their productive capacity, and always bearing in mind the importance of quality, EMZA buys and renews its machinery and productive facilities.

Jordan Aragón

More than a Jordan’s group productive plant

Jordan Aragón - Instalaciones

In 2009, Jordan Martorell decides to buy the society and add the plant in Zaragoza to their relocated productive resources, responding to a strategy of increase of its productive capacity and taking into account the importance for success that means the specialization of part of its value chain that is tooling and stamping.

Keeping their central resources in Martorell, EMZA transforms into a productive plant with hundreds of additional resources that gives it an autonomous capacity for the complete management of their local historical customers.

In 2016, Jordan group, thanks to some opportunities they detected and the consolidation strategy of some societies with the vertical and horizontal integration of their main activity, decides to reform EMZA into Jordan Aragón. This was an ambitious project and it has some evolution paths clearly decided, for example, the increase of the productive capacity, the incorporation of new productive procedures and resources, an increase in specialization of their main activity and human assets, the integration with the social and economic surroundings and the collaboration with the instructional local entities for the labor training and insertion of professionals in the area.

All this takes shape when they moved their productive facilities to Figueruelas, where in their 21.000 m2 it takes a strategic location thanks to the possibilities that their facilities give them and because the geographic emplacement related to their stakeholders.